Functional Coatings for the Electric Vehicle Revolution

Posted on 5/21/2019 7:07:35 AM By ASC

Battery-electric vehicles, or BEVs, will have an increasingly important role in transportation. In Europe, all vehicles to be sold after 2025 must be BEVs, and Chinese consumers bought more BEVs last year than the rest of the world did in total. JP Morgan Chase predicts that electric vehicle sales will account for 35 percent of worldwide vehicle sales by 2025, and with the growing demand for BEVs, the demand for specialized functional coatings will rise too. 

Henkel says it is ready to “charge ahead” with its range of coatings used for battery cells, power conversion components, the electric drive system, and the battery packs that power the vehicles themselves. Apart from conventional coating functions like protection from the elements and corrosion resistance, functional coatings can have additional benefits. For example, coatings used within the battery packs will allow the use of lighter materials while increasing conductivity and extending battery life. 


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