French Medtech Firm Nets Further $43m for Medical Adhesives and Sealants Development

Posted on 12/19/2019 8:07:39 AM By ASC

French medtech company Tissium has raised a further $42.78 million in series B funding for further development of the technology behind its Setalum sealant, already EU-approved as a vascular sealant. According to the company, its aim is to develop a polymer which would allow for a broader range of applications in the medical field.

According to Tissium, sealants and adhesives could expand far beyond their existing medical function as replacements for sutures, staples and wires in surgery. Already seen to assist in soft tissue repair after certain surgeries, sealants and adhesives had the potential of being used to implant 3D printed devices, and anchor others; and to serve as plugs, as well as possibly facilitating the delivery of drugs, should their existing elasticity and adhesive qualities be developed further.

The company reports that while the existing Setalum sealant cannot polymerize itself, even when in contact with blood. The intention behind the further development was to create a polymer which would change to a solid yet flexible state from its normal liquid and viscous state in response to a doctor’s trigger.

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