Ford and Michelin’s Use of Polymer Adhesive Key to Self-Sealing Tire Technology

Posted on 5/4/2021 7:50:52 AM By ASC

Auto giant Ford has been collaborating with Michelin Tires regarding the tire company’s  Self-Seal tire technology over the past year since the  auto company launched the 2020 Explorer with the sealant-based self-seals as a standard leading to further advances in the technology aimed at buying some time for drivers to reach a tire center safely. This includes the addition of a sticky gel-like polymer adhesive to the system, which the companies report will make the temporary repair safer and more effective.

How does the technology work? The tire’s lining contains a sticky gel-like polymer adhesive that, upon puncture, is released to temporarily fill the gaps caused by road debris or nails. The adhesive acts as a filler, preventing or reducing air leakage, and lessening the safety risks of driving on a semi-flat tire to the nearest tire center. 

Thanks to collaborations like these, new technologies, using innovative adhesives, are helping manufacturers create safer, more convenient and time-saving solutions for their end customers.