Flexo-Printed Adhesive Floor Graphics Boom As Retail Businesses Open Their Doors

Posted on 9/24/2020 11:00:56 AM By ASC

Adhesive floor graphics have become must-haves for retailers as they slowly and tentatively get back on track following the devastation caused by the Covid-19 virus. There’s no end in sight yet for either the virus, or for the need to make sure that all the feet that come through their re-opening doors walk in the right direction, and adhere to the strict 6ft rule of social distancing.

This has resulted in a soaring increase in the demand on the flexography industry for adhesive directional and physical floor graphics which display the correct distancing between those standing in line to enter, or later to pay.

In answer to this demand, adhesive coating and laminations product manufacturer Flexcon has introduced a 3.4mil flexible opaque white vinyl as a printable substrate to water-based flexo inks and UV curing, and to ensure optimization for the printing, includes a 78lb Mando liner.

According to the company, the vinyl is durable and it’s removable adhesive allows for the vinyl to be removed and repositioned at any point up to 180 days after application. By attaching a suitable overlaminate, the vinyl can also meet non-slip performance industry standards of under UL410.