Flexcon Diversifies into Adhesive Films for Medical Wearables

Posted on 7/25/2018 6:47:00 AM By ASC

Flexcon, a company known for its role in the graphics and labels industry, has expanded its product offering with its new Dermaflex range. The medical tape features an ISO-approved biocompatible adhesive, and the company says that its products can be used to attach electrodes and diagnostic components to skin.

Commenting on the product development process, Flexcon says that skin proved to be a challenging substrate with which to work. Apart from its elasticity, skin sloughs off and constantly regenerates while secreting moisture and oils. As a result, both the film and the chosen adhesive must be elastic and robust yet not cause any damage when the tape or adhesive bandage is peeled away.

The testing process also present challenges. Skin is variable, and the product must be suitable for use on all skintypes. Initial tests of Dermaflex were carried out on stainless steel as well as high and low-density polyethylene.