Flame Retardant Thermoplastics Polyester Web Adhesive Sandwich Panels Speeds Aerospace Production

Posted on 10/6/2020 8:19:19 AM By ASC

Responding to the safety needs of mass transportation, and focusing particularly on reducing the risk of fire in these vehicles and aircraft, Bostik has launched a new core web adhesive sandwich panel. This draws on the natural design used in the construction of bee hives to reap the benefits of its light weight, strength, and efficiency. In addition, flame retardence has been introduced in all materials used, and especially in the specialized thermoplastic web adhesive which joins them.

The panel is the result of its collaboration with Toray Advanced Composites, and EconCore in a bid to produce a sustainable, recyclable, and less labour intensive option to the thermoset systems, phenolic resin, prepreg skins, and sandwich layers currently used in the interiors of most forms of mass transportation, including aircraft.

The company reports that the new flame retardant panel also uses new thermoplastic technology which involves compression molding and a continuous process capable of forming the required shape in one minute, instead of several hours.

Materials and methods include chemistries with FST qualifications, reinforced laminate skins, and a flame retardant polyester web adhesive all of which are thermoplastic to reduce lamination temperature, simplify application processes, and reduce the weight of the finished product.

The panel has been optimized for safety, and has passed smoke, fire and toxicity regulations for use in aircraft interiors. It’s skin can also be recycled, shredded and re-purposed in composites.