Finding The Right Duct Tape to Fit the Job at Hand

Posted on 5/29/2019 7:10:19 AM By ASC

Duct tape has come a long way from its one-tape-fits-all beginnings and a wide, and sometimes confusing, range of duct tapes with differing thicknesses, characteristics, and applications, now fill shelves and toolboxes. This has motivated pressure-sensitive tape manufacturer Shurtape Technology LLC to find a simpler way to identify the right tape to best match specific applications.

Shurtape has graded each duct tape in its general purpose offering according to its thickness, and its suitability for different applications, based on its tensile strength and levels of adhesion. The tapes are then classified as economy, utility, all-purpose and contractor grades as their thickness increases. According to the company, the PC 6 (6mm) is for everyday home usage, and the PC 7 (7mm) has extra adhesion and better tolerance of cold temperatures. Both these characteristics are stronger with (PC 8) 8mm tape, which can be used for certain restoration tasks. And the PC 9, or 9mm, offers the strongest adhesion and holding strength, so is considered more effective for restoration and waterproofing purposes. 


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