Filmic Labels for Packaging with New Adhesive for Effective PET Recycling

Posted on 8/24/2021 7:30:02 AM By ASC

Avery Dennison has announced a new updated version of its CleanFlake Filmic Label  which the company reports makes use of a new proprietary adhesive to further ensure the effectiveness and efficiency of recycling thermal plastic (PET) packaging used within the home, food, personal care and beverage sectors, by providing the same performance and appearance as self-adhesive labels.

According to the company, the new adhesive is removed from the substrate along with the label during recycling, doing away with adhesive debris being left on the PET substrate, creating a problem that has been impacting on the success of PET packaging recycling.

The company reports that when debris is left behind, conventional label materials can become contaminated. This leads to those materials having to be sent to landfills or burnt in incinerators, while on the other hand, adhesive debris-free PET material flakes can be recycled into new PET material once washed.

In producing the new version of its CleanFlake Filmic Label , the company reports that included in the changes are also an upgraded topcoat for increased printability, as well as materials capable of delivering  applications on high speed labeling machines which are fast and flawless.