Extreme Temperatures and Pressures Demand Strong Sealants

Posted on 11/28/2018 12:53:09 PM By ASC

Industrial customers from power plants to steel mills and refineries require extreme performance from their sealant solutions that can operate under demanding conditions. Industry manufacturer Henkel offers its Loctite NS 5540 and NS 5550 for extreme temperatures and pressures. Despite forming a good seal, the company reports that its products still allow for easy disassembly of components during repairs or maintenance.

Both sealants are chemical resistant, tolerating exposure to oils, acids, hydrocarbons,and steam while not being affected by thermal cycling. NS 5540 is a liquid formulation that tolerates temperatures of up to 700C (1,300F) pressures up to 200 bar (2900 psi) while NS 5550 withstands 340 bar (5,000psi) and temperatures of 815C (1,500F) and is formulated as a paste.

Typical industrial applications include turbines and pump casings, boilers, stacks, heat exchangers, exhaust systems, steam traps, and ductwork.

The company says that the two products are easy to apply – with a brush for the liquid and a spatula for the paste – and will cure with exposure to heat. 

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