‘Extreme’ Sticky Notes Lives Up to Its Name with Fairbanks Alaska Product Testers

Posted on 3/22/2018 7:49:00 AM By ASC

Sticky notes can be seen in just about every office these days and have become indispensible to businesses and households alike. One manufacturer’s sticky notes are going extreme!  3M’s Post-It Extreme Notes are designed to withstand moisture, heat, and extreme cold. The proprietary Dura-Hold Paper of which Post-it Extreme Notes are made is coupled with an adhesive that the company reports is able to stay sticky in tough environments while still being able to peel away cleanly.


3M says that the notes can stick to porous or non-porous surfaces including brick. It tested its notes by handing them out to Fairbanks Alaska businesses including restaurants. Business owners reported that the notes remained in place after being used to tag items in the freezer, stayed put when stuck on shelves over steaming cooking pots, and even remained stuck to parcels when a delivery company left packages marked with Post-its out in the snow.