Extending the Shelf Life of Waterproof Adhesive by Deactivating It

Posted on 3/5/2020 5:38:42 PM By ASC

Waterproof adhesive producer Aquaflex has taken an about turn with its waterproof RTU adhesive for installations on elevated concrete flooring. To provide an extended shelf life alternative for use in phased projects and when schedule delays affect project completion, it the company has added a deactivated Aquaflex 200 its current Aquaflex 100 series of ready-to-use activated adhesives.

The company reports that the industry-first deactivated 200 series will remain usable for at least double the time of its activated sibling, probably reaching six to 12 months before losing its functionality.

However, when it comes to applying the deactivated waterproof adhesive the time difference will be relatively small. According to the company, all it takes to activate the deactivated one is a quick 30 second mixing process after adding the activator, which is contained in a silver foil bag in the bucket with the dormant adhesive. 

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