Extended Wear Medical Device Adhesive Tape Offers Longer Wear Time Coupled with Comfort

Posted on 4/6/2018 8:55:34 AM By ASC

3M recently won a Golden Mousetrap Award for its extended wear medical adhesive tape. According to the company, medical adhesive tapes have previously offered an either-or solution in which medical device manufacturers had to choose between extended wear time or comfort. Its new adhesive for medical devices, on the other hand, offers bonding for up to 14 days – the same time it takes for the upper layer of a person’s skin to be renewed.

The company says that finding a solution that would allow for firm bonding to skin over an extended period presented challenges since each person’s skin has unique properties. However, after extensive trials it is satisfied that the adhesive will offer extended bonding time without causing any damage to skin. And since the adhesive tape need only be removed and replaced after an extended wear period, it will also reduce the chances of medical adhesive-related skin injury.