Evans Adhesive Litho Lamination Solution Advisor: Fighting Warp

Posted on 6/3/2014 12:03:08 PM By Evans Adhesive

Keys to Preventing and Solving Common Warpage Problems on Laminating Jobs

Warping in final laminated sheets and other problems associated with excessive moisture in paper and corrugated stock are significant problems which often occur unexpectedly in litho lamination jobs, causing downtime and unnecessary material waste.

In your own litho lamination operation, you likely deal with many different combinations of printed topsheets and corrugated materials, each often produced by a different vendor in their own facility under different operating conditions. 

The most critical of these conditions is the moisture content of the litho sheet and paperboard stock, which is affected by the ambient temperature and humidity of the facility where they are stored, and the type of ink coverage and saturation applied to the printed topsheet.

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