Equation to Calculate Compliance of Adhesives - American Chemical Society

Posted on 12/8/2015 8:35:05 AM By ASC

The American Chemical Society (ACS) recently released a white paper (available to subscribers) introducing an equation that can be used to calculate the compliance of adhesives. Until recently, much attention has been given to the replication of the hierarchical features that allow geckos to adhere to surfaces while maintaining the ability to repeatedly release adhesion in a controlled fashion. A new approach calculates reversible adhesive force based on the scaling relationship between area of contact and the compliance of the adhesive. This has allowed for the design of new adhesives that provide high-strength bonding while still being reversible, without any need for high aspect ratio, fibrillar features.

The new equation published by ACS, allows for the accurate calculation of compliance, and this data can be used to determine the shear adhesive force capacity, taking the geometric properties and material components of adhesives into account.

Through using the equation, ACS was able to determine that it is possible to increase adhesive force capacity by more than 50% without altering pad size. They were also able to demonstrate that adhesive compliance further from the interface has an influence on shear adhesive force capacity. ACS believes that this equation will help companies to better produce adhesives that are optimally suited for commercial and industrial applications.