Empresas Artecola Now Controls the Biggest Colombian Manufacturer of Adhesives

Posted on 6/12/2013 10:19:35 AM By ASC

Empresas Artecola has completed negotiations and is begining integration with Pegatex, to form Pegatex Artecola S.A.  Fifty-five percent of Pegatex Artecola’s capital will be controlled by Empresas Artecola, which strategically places the Brazil-based Empresas Artecola as one of the three largest companies in Colombia. The merge is a step toward the goals outlined in Empresas Artecola’s Vision 2015, which include being among the largest companies and setting the standard for their markets in Latin-America. Under the negotiated merger, Artecola Química operations in the Andes Region will be united under Pegatex Artecola S.A. This includes Artecola Química Peru, which is now a subsidiary of Pegatex Artecola S.A., and Molytec , which had be under Pegatex. Integration began June 4th, and during the early stages of the merge, relationships with clients, products from both brands, and representatives will remain unchanged. Overall the merger should help to continue Empresas Artecola’s record of string growth, varied products, and research and development.