New Silicone Backing Adhesive Film Getter for Aerospace, Medical and Electronics Applications

Posted on 2/11/2020 8:09:08 AM By ASC

With moisture one of the biggest threats to integrated circuits, MacDermid Alpha electronics company has added a silicone film getter, STAYDRY 720, to its moisture product range. The newcomer to the long list of existing STAYDRY moisture getters is specially aimed at industries in the aerospace, medical and electronic areas.

According to the company, the newly developed silicone backing adhesive, which has passed the MIL-STD-883K, Method 5011.6 test for outgassing and adhesion plays a large role in the new moisture getter’s chances of meeting the strict requirements of those industries.

Another big change, according to the company, is that as the new proprietary PSA used to attach the getter can adhere to multiple substrates including metal, glass and plastics, the getter does not have to be installed inside the box but can be attached outside it in a process which can be carried out within seconds.

The silicone polymer in the getter allows for fast transmission of water, particles or hydrogen that might penetrate supposedly hermetic packages and damage delicate items like integrated chips, to a desiccant within the polymer, where a high percentage of it is absorbed and trapped.

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