Electrically Conductive Adhesive for Solar Cells Decreases Thermal and Mechanical Stress

Posted on 3/5/2018 9:49:48 AM By ASC

An adhesive that is able to conduct electricity is being used by Teamtechnik, a German producer of solar cell manufacturing equipment that features stringer technology. The company says that its specialized adhesive will result in less thermal and mechanical stress on cells.

Since heterojunction technology (HJT) cells are particularly sensitive, the adhesive is believed to eliminate stress issues that would previously have limited this type of solar cells’ feasibility. During the manufacturing process, the electrically conductive adhesive is applied with the help of screen printing. Once the adhesive is in place, light capturing ribbons are placed on both sides of the cell, and the adhesive is cured at 160ºC.

The company recently confirmed that it had received a large order for its machines from an Italian photovoltaic cell company and attributes its client’s choice to the equipment’s ability to produce high-performance modules that will reduce the levelized cost of electricity.