Easy Peel Labels Increase Customer Satisfaction, Build Brand Loyalty

Posted on 1/29/2018 8:04:18 AM By ASC

The annoyance of trying to remove a label that rips, clings, and leaves a sticky film behind is one that most of us will identify with. Avery Dennison recently conducted a consumer survey and found that 80 percent of people had experienced difficulty in removing a product label during the last 12 months. Over 50 percent complained of sticky residues, and 80 percent said that label removal was frustrating.

The company points out that something as simple as an easy-peel label can increase customer satisfaction and help to build brand loyalty. It says that price, product information, and informative labels, window stickers, and labels that help administrative personnel to track products all need to have easy peel properties.

The type of label to meet this requirement will depend on the substrate, the shape of the product, the label facestock and size, the required durability of the label, and the environmental factors to which the label will be exposed. In consultation with adhesive label manufacturers, manufacturers and retailers can find the right label to meet the requirement for easy peeling – without the label beginning to detach from the substrate while it is still needed.

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