Dyson Patent Applications Offer Hints At Its Electric SUV

Posted on 7/2/2019 6:00:00 AM By ASC

Recent release by Dyson of three patent applications it lodged 18 months ago with the US Patents Office not revealed many specifics with regard to the electric vehicle the company plans to launch in 2021. Electric car assembly suppliers, including those in the adhesives and sealants industry, will have to continue to wait for details regarding the car’s assembly requirements.

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Dyson, renowned for its development of electric motors and batteries while transforming the vacuum cleaner and hair-dryer industries, has revealed very little about the SUV to be built in Singapore and has refused to comment on the patent applications it released.

The applications suggest the Dyson SUV will be innovative in that it is not based on a vehicle originally created for an internal consumption engine. It will be larger and longer than other electric SUVs, despite its minimized front; and will have big but thin wheels to reduce rolling resistance and increase energy efficiency.

Additionally, the SUV will be higher off the ground, but have a lower roof and a sharply angled windscreen which together call for a reclined driver’s seat. The slab-like battery will form the base of the vehicle. The adhesive & sealant industry is certainly watching closely since the industry’s solutions are critical to the success of a vehicle launch like this. Read more about the adhesive & sealant industry’s solutions HERE.

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