Duct Tape: It’s Not a Case of One-Size-Fits-All

Posted on 10/16/2019 1:49:40 PM By ASC

Duct Tape has earned a permanent place in toolboxes around the world as a universal fix-all. However, with development of the iconic tape over the years leading to variations in its thickness, strength and adhesive properties, it’s fast becoming apparent that one place in the box simply isn’t enough. One size or thickness doesn’t necessarily meet all requirements, and neither do the different adhesives used in them.

Duct tape’s three components, its polyethylene surface, the cloth grid, and the adhesive, which differ from tape to tape, all play roles in determining the perfect match between tape type and substrate, project and environment. Thick tape, while stronger, does not necessarily have the flexibility of thinner tapes, but thinner ones may not be strong enough, or easy enough to work with, to be suitable for use in certain instances. However, the adhesive that is at the core of duct tape’s function is not always optimized to operate on all substrates and in all environments. For instance, some will work better than others in extreme temperatures, but will not necessarily be a good choice for porous substrates, and others may leave a residue.


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