Drip-Less Glue Gun Wins Crafting Industries Award

Posted on 3/7/2019 1:39:58 PM By ASC

The Association for Crafting Industries has declared AdTech’s drip-free glue gun the winner of its Best New Product Award.  The Drip-Less ™ technology solves a problem that most craftspeople will be familiar with – drips and strings of excess hot glue. The gun has a unique piston and chamber assembly which it hopes to patent. It pulls unused adhesive back into the glue gun and the company says users can expect up to 90 percent fewer drips and strings and a neater finished item.

The gun comes in two formats.  The AdTech W9201 Full-Size Drip-Less™ Hi-Temp Glue Gun will deliver four times more adhesive and six times the power per squeeze than ordinary glue guns, while the AdTech W9202 Mini-Size Drip-Less Hi-Temp Glue Gun delivers three times the power. Both versions will be on sale to the general public, allowing hobbyists and DIYers to benefit from the innovation.

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