Dow Corning to Work Directly with Polyurethane Foam Manufacturers

Posted on 4/6/2016 7:24:32 AM By ASC

In response to requests from end users in the Polyurethane Foam manufacturing market, Dow Corning has agreed to work directly with manufacturers with the aim of optimizing systems, solving performance issues and developing new products to meet manufacturers’ needs.

Silicone technologies will continue to be the focus of Dow Corning’s efforts as it builds on its three decades of experience with silicone surfactants used in polyurethane foam manufacturing. In addition, Dow Corning provides the industry with surface coatings, adhesives and industrial release coatings as well as intermediates, resins and other silicon-based products. Its materials for synthetic leather production are also expected to be an important supporting technology for the polyurethane foam market.

Dow Corning’s Japan-based joint venture, Dow Corning Toray co. Ltd is currently in the process of worldwide rollout of a range of products that has only been available in Japan in the past.