Do Adhesives Top Fasteners in EV Battery Assembly?

Posted on 10/1/2019 11:22:59 AM By ASC

There are many ways in which adhesives top fasteners in the assembly of EV-batteries. In response to a question asked during its Material Solutions for e-Mobility Webinar regarding adhesives’ benefits over fasteners, adhesives manufacturer Henkel listed the most important of adhesives’ benefits as their distribution of stress, greater part tolerance, and versatility regarding bonding different substrates.

Fasteners concentrate stress at certain points, whereas adhesives spread it along the flange, so strengthening the connection. Adhesives are also more part tolerant, bonding parts with dimensions that differed from assembly constraints, and even filling gaps where necessary. This could not be achieved with fasteners due to their rigidity.

Henkel concluded by highlighting the different substrates like plastics, composites and aluminum involved in EV-battery assembly, which might prove a stumbling block for fasteners, but are easily be bonded using adhesives.

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