Die-Cut High Bond Adhesive Tapes: Customizing to the Job at Hand

Posted on 3/25/2020 9:28:30 AM By ASC

A solutions provider in the adhesive tape space, Budnick Converting, has added another advantage to the list of benefits already associated with using high bond acrylic foam tapes, which include temperature and shock resistance, design flexibility, absence of long cure times, ability to bond dissimilar materials, and light weighting. The company reports that these versatile high bond acrylic adhesives can also be converted to match the user’s exact application requirements in terms of form, shape and size using die-cutting, so increasing the efficiency of production.

According to the company, the die-cut option saves time spent on trimming parts by hand (and running the risk of injury while doing so), uses less material because of the company’s ability to reduce scrap by spacing parts carefully, and leads to a consistency seldom achieved manually. The company is also able to present the customized die, cavity, butt, or cavity cut tapes individually, in sheet form, or on rolls.

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