Designer Adhesive Desk Accessories from Japan Incorporate Streamlined Look with Nifty Tools

Posted on 12/18/2018 11:24:57 AM By ASC

Japanese design company, Nendo, has turned its attention to office adhesive and tape packaging and has come up with a range that it’s marketing in partnership with Kokuyo, a stationary firm in Japan. The understated products are cool white with low-profile branding and have been designed with an eye to both practicality and aesthetics.

The low-cost stationary range, dubbed “Gloo,” includes a glue stick that’s square instead of round (easy to glue to the edge of the paper and won’t roll away) and which has a cap you can pop off with one hand. The roller tape dispenser is also a nifty tool – and it cuts the tape when it’s lifted clear of the paper. As for the standard sticky tape dispenser, it also features a streamlined look and boasts a suction cup to keep it in place on your desk.

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