Deseamable Adhesive Increases Recyclability of Shrink-Labelled PET Bottles

Posted on 3/26/2018 12:46:08 PM By ASC

Sun Chemical has announced its release of SunLam, a deseaming adhesive that has been designed to help recyclers recover more PET from recyclable containers without making any changes to current processes. Until now, shrink-labelled bottles have presented a problem to recyclers, decreasing their yield because labels could not be removed in the recycling process. As a result, sorting equipment would often misidentify PET bottles, rejecting them from the recycling line. Sun Chemical says that its deseaming adhesive will release during the bottle washing process, and because the label comes off before sorting, the shrink-labelled PET bottles cannot be misidentified.

To develop the adhesive, Sun Chemical partnered with Eastman, a company which manufactures copolyester labels, and the partners say that during trials, 95 percent of labels attached using SunLam detached after passing through a commercial recycling facility’s standard bottle washing process. Eastman says that the new adhesive will allow brand owners to use full-body shrink labels on their products without any loss of recyclability.