Compact, Non-Invasive Adhesive Sensor Measures Respiration

Posted on 10/19/2017 1:58:16 PM By ASC

Irvine, California: Masimo Corp., the makers of the Rainbow Acoustic Monitoring (RAM) System, has unveiled an improvement to its system in the form of a compact acoustic respiration sensor that features a flexible adhesive. Once the RAS-45 sensor has been attached to a patient’s neck, medical personnel are able to monitor continuous respiration rate and waveform, and are even able to hear the sound of each breath the acoustic sensor records if desired.

The reduction in sensor size makes it suitable for use on pediatric patients weighing more than 10kg or adult patients with shorter necks. The makers of the sensor see the new adhesive as an important feature since it is more lightweight and has greater flexibility than the product used for the earlier iteration of the sensor.