Color Coded Caps Make it Easier to Use the Correct Adhesive Threadlocker for the Job

Posted on 3/18/2021 9:20:41 AM By RS Hughes/PR Newswire

GorillaPro, in partnership with H.B. Fuller, has included five new threadlockers formulated with anaerobic technology in its new professional grade range of products which the company reports are aimed at combining high performance  with ultra strong grip and ease of both selection and application. 

The threadlockers are designed to protect, strengthen and extend the performance of threaded fasteners by locking and sealing them to prevent loosening caused by vibration, galling, rust and corrosion, and protect them from the impacts of harsh environments or chemicals which could lead  to mechanical failure.

To bring about the right results and the best performance, GorillaPro reports it has divided the new threadlocker range into two different categories easily identified by the color of the dispensers’ caps, so as to make selection of the correct threadlocker for any particular function faster and easier.

Blue caps identify the medium strength threadlockers for use when disassembly with hand tools is necessary, while red caps mark the high strength trio designed to provide permanent adhesion in heavy-duty applications which include high levels of vibration, shock, or stress. The third and slightly darker cap in the high strength category points to its capability to seal and secure fasteners with larger thread diameters of up to one inch, as opposed to the 3/4” diameter maximum for the brighter red capped threadlockers.

According to GorillaPro, both categories include liquid as well as no-mess and no-drip gel formulations which are easy to dispense and suitable for use in overhead or vertical applications because of their innovative pump design and accurate dispensing.