Collapsible Adhesive Laptop Stand Wins Industrial Design Award

Posted on 5/19/2020 8:52:03 AM By ASC

A collapsible slim-form laptop stand and riser that adheres to the laptop base using a strong adhesive has logged an award for “well-designed industrial goods” at the 2020 IF Design Award. MOFT reports that setting up its stand involves attaching the folded stand to the back of the laptop by removing the adhesive cover, and unfolding the ready-cut supports to lift the laptop. For ease of transport or storage, the stand folds back into the base board, adding very little weight or bulk to the laptop.

The supports are also designed as risers which provide a choice of two working angles for ease of typing and better posture while working. While one option holds the laptop at a slight angle for those sitting at a desk, the other tilts the laptop higher for people who like to stand and type. These options, according to MOFT, are aimed at helping reduce the back and neck pain common among those who spend many hours hunched over the keyboard.

The adhesive stand supports laptops up to 15.6 inches and can carry up to 18 pounds in weight. For bigger laptops (up to 17 inches), a second universal option is available which can support up to 30 pounds.