Celebrating 200,000 Years of Practical Experience: The Science and Technology of Adhesives

Posted on 12/2/2013 3:24:15 PM By ASC

Roughly 200,000 years ago, humans were using adhesives, possibly for the first time.  5,000 years ago humans moved from harvesting sticky substances, such as sap, to deriving natural adhesives from animal skin and bones. The ability to synthesize polymers was a rapid leap forward for adhesive technology and has given us what is known today as pressure-sensitive adhesives. Today adhesives are a ubiquitous part of life, used in packaging, labeling, wound-care, surface protection, sealing, furniture making, aerospace equipment, electronics, and automobiles. Adhesives are now a global multi-billion dollar industry. R&D teams now search for improved or innovative methods for adhesive synthesis and characterization. And, international experts focus on better understanding the adhesive-adhered interface.