Can Sealants Be Fun? DIY Grouting Options Say Yes.

Posted on 3/31/2020 10:54:24 AM By ASC

It’s cheap, shiny, and full of bling and glitter. That’s hardly the first description that comes to mind when thinking about grout, which is more usually viewed as an uninspiring material used simply to fill the gaps between newly applied tiles, or update the look of older tiling. But in many homes, grout is now becoming a décor trend with the introduction of a glitter grout.



The new easily tooled silver or gold clear glitter adhesive and sealant is fast becoming a favourite for those thinking of giving dull places in the home a tweak. It can shine a path not only as grout between tiles, but can also be used on the tiles themselves, and on concrete, bricks, metal and stone, for decorative as well as practical purposes. Applied with a pen-like dispenser, it allows for various ways to add a glittery shine to areas in the home which may be looking a little drab. These include kitchens and bathrooms, which some find to be rather gloomy and clinical and may feel a little twinkling may change the ambience. 

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