Bostik Hosts Symposium on Adhesives for Disposable Hygiene Products

Posted on 1/23/2018 6:28:57 PM By ASC

The adhesives industry partners with manufacturers of everything from clothes, to furniture, to cars and disposable hygiene products. Producers may know what they want from adhesives, but gaining an understanding of the technologies available to them helps them to take their products to the next level. For this reason, Bostik held a symposium last month for disposable hygiene product manufacturers in New Delhi.

Delegates were able to get information on the latest products and application equipment as well as getting an opportunity to see how adhesives experts research and develop new products to meet customer needs. Speakers addressed such issues as obtaining comfortable fit, choice of materials, leakage reduction strategies, and elastic attachment adhesives. The company says that information sessions such as these lead to smart product choices that help its clients to increase customer satisfaction.