Bostik Celebrates 125th Birthday

Posted on 1/22/2015 1:05:31 PM By ASC

Bostik recently celebrated its 125th year of operation. Today, Bostik is one of the world’s leading adhesives specialists in industrial manufacturing, construction and consumer markets, but the company was not originally an adhesives manufacturer. In 1889, Bostik was founded as the Boston Blacking Company and provided treated leather for the shoemaking industry. Over three decades later, in 1922, the company offered their first commercial adhesive, a wallpaper adhesive based on potato starch. During the 1960’s and 1970’s, Bostik grew its adhesive business with innovative packaging and application techniques for hot melt adhesives and elastic adhesive attachments for disposable diapers. More recently—in 2001—Bostik expanded into silyl-modified polymer-based grab adhesives. Bernard Pinatel, Bostik’s CEO, commented: “We continue to pursue innovation just as vigorously as our predecessors, and look forward with confidence to the next 125 years.”