Blockchain-Compatible Adhesive ID Tag to Protect Goods in Transit Under Development

Posted on 7/18/2018 12:49:39 PM By ASC

Blockchain transactions company, Streamr, and Finland-based VTT Technical Research Center have announced their joint development of an adhesive tag that will help to track high-value goods in transit. The tag features tony smart sensors that can record the geographical location of goods in transit as well as other factors that may affect goods during shipping, such as the temperatures to which they are exposed.

The data can be shared between databases and can either be encrypted or managed by a third party such as Streamr. The adhesive tag is currently undergoing testing, and thereafter, VTT Technical Research Center will work on producing a smaller prototype. The company says that it aims to produce a thin, flexible tag that will be no larger than the palm of the average person’s hand. The tag will generate its own energy using printed solar cells and will allow for ultra-wideband and GPS tracking.