Beer Six Packs Boast 76 Percent Less Plastic Thanks to Innovative Adhesive Technology

Posted on 4/22/2019 7:08:33 AM By ASC

When six pack rings first hit the packaging scene, they were hailed as using less plastic than a full wrap – but then their potential effect on wildlife became apparent. Meanwhile, large, floating islands of plastic out at sea and large volumes of plastic washed up on sea shores have raised public awareness as to the need for more sustainable alternatives.

Now, Carlsberg Breweries is using adhesives to bond six packs together. The packaging uses no plastic other than a carry handle attached to two of the tins.


The company says that the adhesive used is strong enough to hold the tins together but will release when consumers twist and snap the cans off the pack. It suggests splitting the “pack” into two rows of three cans and then rolling off individual cans as needed.

Carlsberg is in the process of converting all pack sizes to the new format and estimates that it will use 1,200 tons less plastic every year when the rollout is complete.

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