Avery Dennison Publishes Results for Study on Adhesive Tape Bonding Effectiveness with Multi-Materials

Posted on 10/15/2020 9:04:03 AM By ASC

Avery Dennison has completed the first in a planned series of studies aimed at testing how their performance tape products respond when bonding different materials. This, according to the company is in a bid to provide test results which will make it easier for clients and customers to evaluate and select adhesives which have the right bonding strength, but which also fit the specific characteristics of the different materials used in applications.

The first study saw the company teaming its Core Series Portfolio range of adhesives with Superior Felt and Filtration’s Sunburst 1000 series of non-woven products to test how the adhesives and materials would function under extreme and real-world conditions when in a controlled environment. Conducted at Avery Dennison’s ISO 17025 certified Innovation Centre, the adhesives’ performance was tested using three different methods of lamination on various Sunburst 1000 samples at 180°F Peel Adhesion at 12 inches per minute.

According to the company, the felt was chosen for the maiden study because of the variety of factors the100% synthetic, needle-punched material would bring to the bonding table for comparison. These include the various material thicknesses and differing adhesive mass and pressure, of the material used in applications in the automotive, aerospace, electronics, filtration, and light and heavy industrial industry applications.