Automotive Sealant Manufacturer Expands Production to Morocco

Posted on 10/5/2021 7:07:30 AM By ASC

US coatings, adhesives and sealants company PPG’s Europe, Middle East and Africa division has announced its intention to create the company’s first automotive coatings production facility in Africa with an automotive sealant start-up facility in Tangier, Morocco. 

According to the company, this facility will initially supply materials for Renault Group’s Dacia brand vehicles produced in Tangier and Casablanca. However, the company reports that the ultimate aim is to make sealants that allow more flexibility in vehicle design and manufacturing available for the fast growing local vehicle production sector. It is also assessing the local production of additional adhesive, sealant and coatings technologies to further back vehicle manufacturers that are part of this expanding automotive production in Morocco, and to help them reach their goals in terms of electrification, lightweight vehicles, noise and vibration reduction, as well as sustainability.

Automotive production in Morocco is estimated to have quadrupled annual automotive production between the turn of the century and 2019, rising from 100,000 vehicles to 400,000, and is expected to reach 700,000 within the next two years.