ASC’s Newest Market Report: 2014 - 2018 Polyurethanes in North America Market Report

Posted on 2/16/2016 4:53:17 PM By Steve Duren

When I was assigned to help scope and manage the RFP content for ASC new market reports I was excited about the value these new ASC reports could bring to the industry.  My first change was to work with “The Global Resources Committee” which is the committee within ASC that responsible for shaping the direction and details for these new reports. The ASC North American Polyurethanes Market Report is the newest in a series of reports ASC has published.

The Committee and staff wanted to provide a set of quantitative information on the Coatings, Adhesives, Sealants and Elastomers (C.A.S.E.) Markets to provide users of the report the market environment for Polyurethane within C.A.S.E. and then go into more detail with a significant focus on qualitative information for adhesives and sealant key markets

Under guidance from ASC long range plan the committee focused energy to advance community knowledge integration and triangulate interviews that would bring out likes, dislikes, unmet needs, trends, market drivers and verbatim from end users and key influencers in the value chain. We think the direct voice of end users and value chain stakeholders will provide more insight to those companies within ASC that want to better understand downstream trends and gain a pulse of the Polyurethane Markets.

ASC worked with IAL  who authored the report, conducted the phone interviews and assimilated the data for the report.  Below is a sample of sub-segments we decided to conduct interviews. The selection of sub segments was a collaborative process with the committee and in the RFP process.We had a limited budget so we really had to pick key sub segments and we settled on the following allocation of 80 interviews as Polyurethane has vast number of uses in the marketplace:

One thing we really wanted to include in the report was a technology aspect with interviews with Polyol and Isocyanate raw material suppliers which are two primary ingredients when formulating Polyurethane Chemistry. We wanted to gain perspective from commercialization and technology experts to share with the industry how they view the state of the PU markets and share key trends and market drivers. This report contains interviews from those stakeholders as well as formulators who make finished goods using these raw materials and ultimately Polyurethane positioned products in the marketplace.

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A special thank you to the following ASC Member Companies who helped throughout the process: Covestro, 3M, Nordson, Orr and Boss, Fomo Products Inc.