ASC New Growth Efforts will Focus on the Building and Construction Market in 2020

Posted on 11/6/2019 12:36:38 PM By Steve Duren

As part the ASC Long Range Plan from 2017 one of the key initiatives was to create member engagement with downstream end users and stakeholders as ASC does not have end users as part of its membership. An excerpt from that long range plan is stated as the following:



Over the summer of 2019 ASC retained Ducker Frontier to help identify key parts of the building that involve use of adhesives and sealants. ASC retained Ducker to further validate and quantify the following as part of the study:

-What market growth looks like across B & C to 2024 by region and by the following building types across USA/Canada and Mexico:
- Retail Buildings
- Office Buildings
- Hospitality & Luxury Buildings
- Sports Facilities
- Federally Owned Buildings (GSA)

-Where opportunities exist to displace mechanical fasteners within Roofing, Vertical Walls, Below Grade Water Proofing and Interior Finishes.

-Technology trends and challenges.

-An assessment of green building programs difficulty as well as forecasted adoption rates of those programs.

-Which trade associations ASC may consider approaching as education partners and assessment of respective end users within those memberships.

ASC is using the research as a first step to focus efforts on one part of the building (likely roofing or vertical wall) and initiate a task force in 2020 to further foster an industry approach that will feature overcoming challenges where mechanical fasteners maintain market share.
The task force will also identify other key trade associations and assess if we can work together to grow market share application by application and also help educate the industry on the value of adhesive and sealant technologies. This report was intended to be used as a foundation for a multi-year effort and used as a fact base to work from for the newly forming task force. The vision is to use the task force to help promote the energy savings and water management function that adhesives and sealants provide throughout the building envelope. 

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ASC Members can download a free copy of the report HERE. ASC non-members can purchase the report in the ASC store HERE.

Current ASC members who would like to participate in the task force should contact Steve Duren at

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