Posted on 7/31/2014 3:56:32 PM By Matt Croson

The Adhesive and Sealant Council (ASC) has created a special Training Academy Certification Task Force consisting of a blend of technical, marketing and human resource leaders from member companies.  The Training Academy Task Force will guide the development of ASC’s Certificate Program, including determining both technical and business oriented curriculum as well as training recognition levels. 

The ASC Training Academy Certificate Program is a key strategy tied to the newly adopted Long Range Plan.  The Certificate Program will blend general business oriented adhesives and sealants training with more in depth technical training, based on member needs and input.  Once the program launches in early 2016, it is anticipated that the industry will have a “go to” resource for in depth training for new employees or new to the industry employees.

The ASC Training Academy Certificate program is being designed to support early career employees and will touch on both basics and in depth technical topics.  We want ASC to be a primary resource for the industry to rely on for training their team on the fundamentals of adhesives and sealants, with programs touching the entire spectrum of learning needed within the formulating community.

The following ASC Member Leaders have volunteered to serve on the special Task Force:

  • ASC Board Member Gerhard Haas, Vice President at Jowat Corporation
  • ASC Board Member Chuck Williams, Principal Scientist, Avery Dennison
  • ASC Technical Committee Chair, William Arendt, Research Fellow, Emerald Kalama
  • Chassidy Rellinger, Senior HR Manager, Avery Dennison
  • Jon Stuart, R&D Director, Henry Company
  • ASC Board Member Mark Plante, Business Manager, Kraton Performance Polymers

Member volunteers will work with the ASC staff to review survey information, discuss industry educational needs and provide input on both curriculum learning objectives and certificate levels. 

The task force members will be important collaborative partners as the Council moves forward to develop a strong certificate program that meets the needs of industry.  We will rely on the volunteers to really consider what members and end users need from the Council and guide the decision making in order to launch a solid program in early 2016.

Since 2012, ASC has produced a Training Academy – a series of fundamentals oriented training programs that were webinar focused and touched on a broad array of topics including technology types, additives, testing methodologies and emerging trends.  To date, ASC has produced more than 45 webinars under the Training Academy and has delivered educational value to more than 500 industry participants. 

With the adoption of the Long Range Plan, the ASC Board of Directors saw an opportunity to continue to serve the needs of new employees or new to the industry team members, and leverage the Council as the organization to deliver fundamental training.  The Education Strategy was added to the Long Range Plan, and staff was asked to develop a certificate program and include a fuller range of training opportunities to support both technical and market oriented employees.

Our job now is to roll up our sleeves, review the data from the past two years’ worth of programming, and ask how we can add more value with deeper training and stronger technical focus.  Working together, I am confident we can leverage the power of the association and deliver on this strategy. 

Feel free to share what your training needs are or those of your company as we begin planning our future programming efforts.

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