ASC Brings Back Economy Watch as a Free Service to ASC Members to Help Navigate the US Economy

Posted on 5/29/2020 10:00:24 AM By Steve Duren

ASC published ‘Economy Watch’ from roughly 2012-2015. This publication was brought to market in that timeframe as an information service by Economist Ken Mayland of Clearview Economics.


ASC made a decision to bring back “Economy Watch” this year (June 8) due to the significant volatility with the domestic economy and the value of these indicators and analysis. This service is free for members only and is a quick executive read on essential charts along with narrative that will provide members a 50,000-foot view on economic trends and market drivers. ASC will publish this report the first Monday after the first Friday of each month.

A video featuring Dr. Mayland explaining the dozen or so essential charts in detail is available in this one hour video HERE. The service will provide a narrative along with charts for ASC members. This critical monthly publication will be sent to all rostered ASC Members. June 8 will be the initial e-blast to members.

Sample charts for this service are shown below (April 2020):

                                     (click to enlarge)

                                           (click to enlarge)

                                            (click to enlarge)

ASC Economy Watch now joins the ITR Market Forecast Tool and ASC Market Report Library as significant tools and sources of information on the economy, the Adhesive Market and ways to help members make important business decisions and assist in forecasting sales. These efforts are a result of the ASC 2017-2020 Long Range Plan under the Objective #2 “Community Knowledge Integration”.

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