Albion Launches New Follow Plate For Bulk Caulk Loading

Posted on 7/10/2019 6:56:52 AM By ASC

Albion Engineering has launched a new follow plate aimed at cutting down the time and mess involved in loading caulk from pails into bulk guns. The company reports that the new model 504-G15 follow plate requires no barrel threading when it’s attached to the pail. Instead the new plate’s seal can be quickly pushed on and pulled off using a pull rod.

Designed to enable bulk loading into all Albion 2 inch gun barrels, and fit 3-gallon caulk units, the follow plate is constructed out of two steel plates with a nitrile rubber gasket between them which will scrape the pail clean inside as it drops. This, the company says, will not only reduce the mess that can result when caulk is loaded into the dispensing gun and so keep the barrel of the gun clean, but will also prevent air from entering the gun barrel.    


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