Aerosol Sealant Company Backed by Bill Gates Fund Creates More Energy Efficient Buildings

Posted on 7/8/2021 5:51:34 AM By ASC

In a bid to improve buildings’ efficiency with regard to power consumption,  Ohio-based Aeroseal LLC sealant company has developed a new technology aimed at reducing the amount of energy lost through leaks in the roofs and air ducts of homes and buildings.

Aeroseal, funded by Breakthrough Energy Ventures and its backer Microsoft Corp. co-founder Bill Gates, reports that the new tech operates by injecting a fog of fine sealant particles into roofs and air ducts. The moving air in which the sealant particles float is automatically attracted to any leaks and cracks in ducts, roofs, or rooms, because of a change in pressure. In changing direction towards them, the air deposits the sealant particles around the gaps or cracks, and as more particles come to rest in the leaky areas, leaks of up to half an inch in size, are sealed by a layer of the deposited particles.

Quoting figures from the US Department of Energy, the company reports that homes and buildings consume about 40% of the country’s energy. More than half of the share of that power used in homes goes into cooling or heating spaces, many of which are leaking at some point, and so allowing the hot or cold air to escape.

According to the company, experiments carried out by the University of California indicate that leaking ducts increase the air exchange rate of operating air conditioning threefold, leading to higher power consumption and hikes in utility bills.