Advantages of Using Hot Melt Adhesive

Posted on 1/2/2013 10:34:24 AM By ASC

Hot-melt adhesives can be an excellent choice for hobbyists or projects around the home. Hot-melt adhesives forms a strong and lasting bond, well-suited to applications that need a long-lasting adhesive. Moisture, humidity, and other environmental conditions won’t interfere with setting or durability of the bond. This makes the adhesives appropriate for outdoor repairs, or crafts intended to be displayed outside or exposed to water. In addition, hot-melt adhesive quickly set, so there is no need to clamp pieces or hold them in place during a setting period. The resulting bond has hardness comparable to PVA or UF adhesive. This is in contrast to other quick glue options, which may not provide the required strength. Finally, hot-melt adhesives have minimal waste and are extremely safe compounds.