Adhesives Star in Award-Winning Packs

Posted on 7/20/2016 2:29:49 PM By Hallie Forcinio

Adhesives play vital roles in packaging. Winners of 2016 DuPont Awards for Packaging Innovation showcase the range of adhesive capabilities. Now in its 28th year, the competition, sponsored by DuPont, Wilmington, DE, drew approximately 200 entries from more than 25 countries. It’s recognized as one of the world’s most prestigious packaging awards programs and ranks as the industry’s longest running, global, independently judged celebration of innovation and collaboration.

Adhesives serve as a vital component in winning entries at every level of the competition: Diamond Finalist, Gold and Silver.

A Diamond Finalist Award for Packaging Innovation recognizes OIA Global, Portland, OR, for its NIKE Inflatables 2015/2016 packaging redesign. A simple folding-gluing process combines elements of origami and geodesic design to form a corrugated “Prizm” to retain a ball. In use, the packaging and ball hold onto each other naturally, with minimal material, high product visibility and an intuitive, reusable latching mechanism. The design reduces cost, minimizes carbon footprint, enhances product appeal and elevates the brand to stand out among its competition.

Another Diamond Finalist, a lightweight, yet strong,square bottle and cap for edible oil from Adani Wilmar, Ltd. (Fortune Brand), Ahmedabad, India, was honored for excellence across all three awards criteria – Technological Advancement, Responsible Packaging and Enhanced User Experience. The square bottle with hot-melt-applied roll-fed label replaces a shrink-labeled oval container, maximizing cube efficiency and shelf space for improved sustainability. The conversion to the lightweight, square bottle reduces production costs about 60 percent. Logistical costs drop about 15 percent. The elimination of manual shrink labeling in favor of inline roll-fed label application boosts production efficiency and delivers a more premium appearance.

At the Gold level, a commercial, water-based adhesive for retortable pouches, developed by Pulmuone Co. Ltd., Seoul, Korea, was honored for excellence in Technological Advancement and Responsible Packaging. The first-known application in the industry, the water-based adhesive overcomes a temperature limit of 266° Fahrenheit. This heat tolerance improves packaging material safety by reducing organic solvents in more applications and reduces concerns about organic material extraction at retort temperatures.

At the Silver level, the sustainable, production-friendly KorrvuLok™ - Performance Packaging for eCommerce earned honors for Enhanced User Experience for Sealed Air Corp., Charlotte, NC. Pressure-sensitive adhesive enables integration of Sealed Air’s existing Korrvu suspension and retention packaging with a corrugated shipper. The pop-and-lock design reduces operator error and allows orders to be filled faster –a critical need in the e-commerce world. Manufactured with fewer materials than past designs and compliant with national and international recycling requirements, the package keeps the item inside locked in place and eliminates the need for messy or excessive void-filling materials. An elegant, clean appearance enhances the brand of the item(s) inside and the consumer experience. Easy to open, reuse and recycle, the design enables effortless reverse logistics if the consumer needs to return the product.

Another Silver level winner recognizes a hot-melt-applied, roll-fed label for its Enhanced User Experience. A breakthrough in terms of packaging science and innovation, the playful, interactive Christmas Bow Label, used by Coca Cola Belgium, Anderlecht, Belgium, is applied at line speeds. The modified roll-fed label remains flat on the bottle until the consumer pulls a tab to form a bow. The bow can be flattened and reformed numerous times to prolong the interactive experience. 

Adhesives indeed served as an important component in these winning entries and continue to play a vital role in packaging overall.