Adhesives Speed Assembly Lines

Posted on 4/4/2017 11:53:51 AM By ASC

Fastening components to one another with traditional screws, rivets, and welds is a time-consuming process. In modern production lines, speed is of the essence, and adhesives are offering manufacturers a multitude of ways to speed up their assembly lines.

Besides making production faster and more efficient, structural adhesives are also able to offer stronger bonds, improving quality and durability. The final finish is also improved. Instead of using rivets, manufacturers can even use structural adhesives or even strong adhesive tapes resulting in cleaner lines and a neater appearance.

Finally, manufacturers benefit from a reduction in their need for skilled laborers such as welders. This reduces wages and the need for costly training. Taping components together doesn’t require any special skills, but welding does. Whether manufacturers choose structural adhesives or adhesive tapes, many benefits lie in store.