Adhesives Research Helps Improve Wearable Sensors’ Body Function Monitoring Capabilities

Posted on 2/19/2020 8:14:34 AM By ASC

Wearable sensors are increasingly being used in medicine to collect data on body functions such as vital signs and blood sugar levels. However, their effectiveness in doing so lies in how well they connect with the skin, and finding an adhesive that can provide the required adherence without causing allergic reactions or pain on removal.

This has shifted researchers’ efforts to focusing on the adhesives used to attach the acrylic-based medical bandages which hold the sensors in place on the patient’s skin in order to improve the sensor’s function and patient comfort. A study published in the American Chemical Society journal reports that a suitable adhesive could be developed using PVA, a polymer which does not bring about skin reactions, but certain changes would have to be made such as adding short alskyl chains to combat PVA’s tendency to lose adhesion, particularly when wet. 

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