Adhesives Make Wearable Diabetes Monitors User-Friendly

Posted on 11/2/2018 9:23:26 AM By ASC

While patients with diabetes can live full lives despite their condition, monitoring blood glucose is vitally important. A wearable monitor ensures there’s continuously updated information to help patients and their doctors with diabetes management. Adhesives make using these monitors possible, but first, design challenges had to be overcome.

Finding adhesives that will stick to skin may sound easy, but skin must breathe and sweat. In addition, hair growth from the skin can push the device upwards, limiting accuracy. Age affects the fragility of skin, and climate and lifestyle determine how moisture resistant the adhesive must be.

Progress in the medical adhesives field has helped device designers to overcome these issues. Breathable backings with adhesive skirts help devices to stay in place for as much as two weeks at a time; biocompatible adhesives limit the chance of skin irritation; and the problem of adhesion so strong that skin is damaged during device removal has been addressed.


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