Adhesives Key to Protecting Apple’s IP and Preventing Tampering

Posted on 3/6/2018 1:38:44 PM By ASC

Apple has a reputation as a secretive company, and it clearly doesn’t want anyone but its technicians tampering with the innards of its new HomePod. The smart speaker features multiple layers of adhesive that are further complemented by adhesive pads and Torx screws. After a teardown attempt by iFixit, the conclusion was that the device is “built like a tank.” That’s bad news if you want to attempt repairs yourself, but good news if you don’t want your tech tampered with in any way.


The use of adhesives to secure its technology isn’t new to Apple.  The company used its tough adhesive anti-tamper strategy on its iPhone and iPad design, preventing product hacking. It appears that the use of adhesives to protect its intellectual property has worked for Apple and that the HomePod will not be the last device to be well-and-truly bonded shut with the help of super-tough adhesives.