Adhesives Keep the Industrial Conveyor Belts & Our Economy Moving

Posted on 11/17/2020 8:00:10 AM By Mining Weekly

Long rubber conveyor belts are at the core of efficient functioning in industries like mining and tunneling, as well as of those that transport bulk materials like coal, ore, salt and grain. But they can also be the cause of breakdowns in operation, long downtime, and large losses when wear and tear set in as a result of constant exposure to heavy stress, and surface damage and holes interfere with their functionality.

In a bid to shorten downtime and speed up repairs, Sika has produced a new acrylic adhesive for fast repairs to rubber belts which uses the reaction between peroxidically cross linked acrylates and the double bonds in rubber to provide a structural bond similar to that created by hot vulcanization.

According to the company, the adhesive system was designed for ease of application, fast curing, and the need for minimum equipment to reduce the time involved in repairing or maintain conveyor belts. It has passed dynamic tests at the Institute of Transportation Technology in Germany, and when used in the installation of a new crusher belt at a large clinker plant, it completed the job in 1.5 hours, cutting back on the expected installation time by almost 80%.